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For some of your potential clients or customers, they are going to meet you for the first time after typing your name or business into Google. You may not realize how much your headshot can communicate, until you get one that does it well. I want to not only help you capture a great photo, but provide you with an image that draws your ideal person in, expresses who you are and connects with them in a meaningful way.

As a busy business owner, you most likely focus all your time on what you can do for your clients or customers so a photo of yourself may not be high up on your to-do list.  However, it can be something that we can easily help you cross off. For most of my clients, we meet at their place of business and capture everything we need during a break in your day, and still give you enough time to grab lunch. If that doesn’t fit your style or isn’t an option for you, we can easily work together to find an ideal location close to you, at a time that works best with your schedule.

Do you have a team? From small offices to large corporations, we can work together to curate a headshot experience that fits your needs. Most often, on-site photos where each person or team schedules at a specific time helps things run smoothly. What’s great about this, is when you’re ready for updated photos or if you’ve added someone to the team, it makes it easy to find time to swing by to capture photos to blend seamlessly with what we’ve already captured.

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1. After the main photos on your homepage, your headshot may just be the second highest viewed photo on your website. If you factor in social media accounts, the number grows even higher. Depending on how much you utilize social media with your business, this one photo can easily become THE photo people think of when they think of your business.

2. People are looking for your headshot. Unless you’re a mega brand like Target or REI, when someone learns about what you have to offer them, they want to know if you’re the person or team of people they can see themselves connecting with, and they try to figure that out by looking for your photo on your about page. You can stand above the rest of your competition when you make it easy for them to find you.

3. People may make the decision to work with you based on solely on your headshot. In regards to your online presence, the real magic of connection happens with your headshot. Think of those businesses you enjoy the most, it’s most likely because you have a good connection with that person. This is one reason why referrals are so powerful. You’ve helped this person’s friend or family member, so they feel like they already have a connection with you. Having a great headshot couple play a key role in help you gain more business.

4. The majority of people are uncomfortable at the thought of having their headshots done, they have a hard time liking photos of themselves, and feel that they don’t know how to pose for a photo. These three things are common barriers my clients have worked through. I’m there to coach you through it all so you look and feel natural in front of the camera to help you capture photos you can enjoy and be proud to have online.

5. Not all headshots are created equal. Knowing which photographer is the right one to help you capture this photo can be a hard decision to make and could lead to procrastination. The best piece of advice I can give you for this decision, is to look for photos online you connect with. Think of your favorite businesses in the area and see which style of photos most resonate with you. Consider asking them who took their photos and looking into they headshot experience. If you’ve found photos here on my site that draw you in, and I fit the style you’re going for, then I might just be the gal for the job!

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“Jena is one of the sweetest souls you’ll meet, but above that one of the most talented photographers I have worked with. She understands the importance of branding for your small biz (or big company) and knows how to capture a brand’s unique feeling and core values throughout her imagery. Hire her today - you will thank yourself every day!” -Kathryn of Fashionably Frank Marketing


“YES! Absolutely work with Jena!!! She has done two photoshoots for my business and I highly recommend her. The photos turned out beautifully, she was easy to collaborate with and open to suggestions during the shoot, her timeframe was quick, and she showed up on time and was professional. She is a total sweetheart too. I can't wait to work with her again.” -Olivia of OlyBella