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I'm Jena and the creative force behind the lens at One Beautiful Life Photo. I'm all about documenting life. While I've done this in a variety of ways for myself growing up, I didn't fall in love with helping others capture theirs until I helped second-shoot a wedding with Longnecker Photography in 2015.

That day, as I connected with all that was going on around me. From the decor to the first look, I became dedicated to capturing it in the best possible way. It wasn't until I stepped out in faith to pursue this deep desire that I found this passion for documenting life for others was always inside me.

While I've learned so much along the way, I've found it all comes down to bringing out true joy in my clients and creating opportunity for real connection. As the littles don't stay little, and new love grows into something more rich and deep over the years. You need photos of you living your One Beautiful Life and I'd be thrilled to help you capture it.


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1. My faith is my foundation. If it wasn’t for Jesus calling me into who he created me to be, I would have never pursued photography. Being able to capture the photos I do continually points me back to him.

2. I married the guy I had a crush on when I was 12 years old. I never imagined I'd marry the person I wrote about when passing notes, but he still makes me light up in the same way all these years later.

3. I'm addicted to courses and personality tests. I have a huge love for learning so you'll most likely always find me with an earbud in consuming some sort of content. I have a dream of writing a course myself and hope to someday make that a reality!

4. I lived in a travel trailer for four years while building our home. While it started out as a two year plan, looking back I wouldn't trade that time for anything. It was the season of life I became a minimalist and fell in love with the word "someday" to keep me encouraged to keep pressing on.

5. When I purchased my first camera in 2010 I watermarked my images with “Beautiful Life Photography”. In that season I ended up setting photography to the side and started an Etsy shop with the desire to use a similar name. However, “Beautiful Life” was taken so I added in “One” to the beginning and my shop was created. While it wasn’t intentional at the time, it ended up turning into my life motto and in some way have connected it to everything I do. I’m now passionate about others being inspired to capture their One Beautiful Life as well!